With the ability to draw a bucket full of solutions from a deep well of suppliers, we are able to locate the best supplier options to fulfill your specific objectives.

While many technology advisors limit their range of service providers to those partnered with one master agency, C2XCEL has two master agencies.  This expands our access to 180 domestic and international service providers. In addition to this typical environment, C2XCEL cultivates individual relationships with service providers that have not partnered with a master agency, which further increases our ability to include more solution options than our competitors.

This expansive list of service providers allows us the ability to propose finely tuned solutions to fit any client’s technology requirements. This also gives us the ability to obtain the very best pricing and contract terms. We don’t believe there is any technology need we can’t satisfy.

In today’s business world, a simple data connection and a phone line is not a likely scenario for any organization. Access to so many service providers enables us to become highly creative by merging multiple provider’s services into one tightly woven tapestry, forming a beautiful landscape any client would appreciate.  With a virtually bottomless well of service providers, C2XCEL will help any organization enjoy the best technology there is to be found.