Case Study | Restaurant

Background: The customer is a national restaurant chain with over 200 sites nation-wide and wanting to expand operations by 40 to 60 new restaurants annually. The data network was comprised of broadband or cable connectivity to each individual location and a costly phone system. Once the voice and data services were located, they turned it over to their internal IT helpdesk to manage and troubleshoot as needed.

Pain Points: Many vendor relationships had to be managed to accommodate the opening of each location over a short 10-week period. This included city and state permitting requirements, construction and build-out, power, advertising, and data and voice connectivity. Many hours were consumed locating broadband and cable providers, setting up the phone equipment and procuring phone numbers. The client needed a consultant to step in and simplify this portion of the process.

Opportunity: Upon meeting with this customer, C2XCEL was able to gain a full understanding of their needs and challenges. With access to many service providers, C2XCEL knew exactly how to quickly streamline the process that would convert all existing locations to a single network and voice provider. It also allows for easy data and voice turn-up at new locations that fit within the 10-week period.

Solution: C2XCEL recommended a solution that accommodates the customer’s needs, but also provides an infrastructure offering better security and backup access. The backup access acts as Wi-Fi connectivity for the customer’s guests. The onsite phone system is now a hosted platform, making equipment and phone numbers easy to procure. Vendor relationships have been reduced from hundreds to a handful.

Growth: The customer was concerned they would have a hard time achieving the desired growth. The recommendations from C2XCEL removed the data and voice burdens. As a result, the customer was able to increase their expansion plans to 60 to 80 locations annually until they’ve attained their goals.