Software Developed Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), is a dynamic technology solution.

Software Developed Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), is a dynamic technology solution providing the ability to manage several data connections through one device, from Fiber to LTE, to create a data redundant environment, while using all available data connections.

Prior to SD-WAN, a traditional, redundant data network worked only through the creation of a configuration that dictated how data traffic traveled from the primary data connection to the secondary data connection to the tertiary data connection, and so on. A great deal of time was invested in the establishment of these configurations. After the data connections were configured, they needed to be applied and tested.  Then, of course, the ongoing need for configuration maintenance. All of this meant there was a need to purchase a secondary and tertiary data connectivity, even though, in the perfect world, these data connections may never be used. Although effective, the traditional environment required many man hours with the potential waste of a reoccurring expense of idle data connections.

A dramatic change to the traditional data network topology, SD-WAN eliminates the time-consuming configuration creation, application, and ongoing maintenance requirements. This alone produces soft dollar savings by allowing limited and precious IT staff time to focus on strategic organizational projects. SD-WAN also dictates how traffic flows through the purchased data connections, taking advantage of all data connections available so none sit idle. It also saves costs by allowing for a downgrading of circuit speed.

An SD-WAN implementation will save your organization man hours, create an efficient, redundant network, and allow all data connections to work for you.