Lorna Stegall

Marketing Strategist

Lorna is a first class marketing strategist that makes a difference to your business. What makes Lorna valuable as a marketing arm is her ability to “think out of the box” and “elevate excellence” in every way. A compelling value proposition focused on service, strong relationships, quality and results enables her to quickly implement effective business marketing programs that help businesses gain significant market awareness and exposure. Lorna empowers entrepreneurs and businesses by applying lean marketing fundamentals and strategies that brings successful results.

Business Experience

Lorna is a marketing strategist with expertise in all aspects of Sales & Marketing―from Silicon Valley to the board rooms of Iconic Fortune 500 companies. Her seasoned years of experience with start-ups, acquisitions, corporate and agencies has allowed her to develop a long client list. Lorna is results-driven and has a passion for serving her clients with a mix of effective marketing and media strategies for businesses–both large and small. Focusing on the right marketing mix in order to achieve the maximum profit potential and sustain the business.


An Award for the best integrated campaign from BtoB Magazine back in October of 2011. In March of 1995, The product of the year award from the UCSD Connect Program. In 2011, BtoB Best Award in the Best Integrated Campaign category for Business Insights Magazine.

Community Involvement

The driving force behind Lorna’s amazing work ethic is her passion for building relationships with clients as well as community service. Building relationships within your community is a win-win. There are a couple of key questions to consider when thinking of how you can make a difference: What’s important to your community? Who’s struggling for support? It’s simply―making an impact together and building a better future for all when we work to improve our communities. Paying it back is Powerful!



“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”