Logistics/Distribution  | Case  Study

The customer, an international logistics, and shipping company had the appropriate data access but lacked redundancy, a characteristic crucial to ensure the customer’s ability to keep shipments in transit.

The voice platform the customer established was not functioning as they had been led to believe it would, creating a great deal of frustration within the organization. To fill the gaps, they were forced to implement a “band-aid” solution. As time progressed, the customer became increasingly irritated with the solution and realized the lost equity in the voice platform, which provided them with an inadequate level of functionality.

C2XCEL sought to improve upon the lackluster functionality of the customer’s voice platform to remedy frustrations felt in the organization. C2XCEL planned on providing the required redundancy into their data environment to create a fail-safe for daily business. They looked at the situation through a lens that would afford the company the greatest level of technological efficiencies, while remaining with the client’s budget.

The solution established by C2XCEL added the necessary data redundancy and remedied their voice functionality concerns. It also went beyond their customer’s expectations by doubling their data bandwidth. The solution accommodated the customer’s requirements and procured a lower monthly expense than experienced previously.

C2XCEL’s solution solved the voice functionality, increased data access, and created the proper redundancy. As a whole, the technological infrastructure created by C2XCEL will allow the customer to safely expand in headcount and add locations when that need should arise.