Law Firm |Case Study


An International Law firm focusing on corporate immigration lacked the proper technological infrastructure necessary to operate efficiently. The client acquired a wide variety of carriers and vendors that, over time began eating up profits.

The staff that managed vendors were limited by headcount, and, therefore, were unable to meet the needs of the firm. The technology holding their technological infrastructure together was outdated and inefficient compared to more recent innovations. Through mergers and acquisitions, they managed to accrue a plethora of phone systems, further complicating communication effectiveness.


When looking at the firm, C2XCEL understood that consolidation and implementation of new technology would be crucial in upgrading their client’s technological infrastructure. A reduction of carriers was necessary to prevent the needless expenditure of manpower to review and remit payment for monthly invoices. They required a solution that would provide the company with the bandwidth to adequately support their needs. C2XCEL saw that using a standardized phone system would reduce spending, as well as, provide them with an up to date and reliable means for voice communication. As well, C2XCEL recognized the firm would benefit from internal augmentation through an outsourcing of IT for their international offices, instead of corporate IT staff traveling abroad.


C2XCEL created multiple solution options and presented each to the client. Together, the customer and C2XCEL selected a solution from the options. The implemented solution greatly increased the bandwidth at all locations, providing a huge improvement for employees. Productivity increased as a result due to alleviated technological frustrations throughout the organization. C2XCEL was able to provide an element of redundancy in their customer’s database, even though the customer believed it would not be economically feasible. C2XCEL shifted the customer from a TDM voice environment to a SIP platform, simplifying the process of adding and removing seats. The solution reduced their vendor relationship from a 30 down to a 4 and has primed the customer to move toward a SDWAN solution in the near future.

Overall, C2XCEL’s solutions expanded the customer’s access to vital technology in an ever-changing world, while lowering overall technology expenditure. The implemented solution will allow for streamlined technology expansion in the future.