How often do you feel like a person at the edge of a cliff, gazing at an endless horizon when trying to locate and organize technology solutions for your organization?

You want to succeed, but find yourself searching through emails or your received phone calls list hoping to locate that elusive provider contact. This is a recurring theme for most of our clients, especially those with locations across the U.S and international sites. How frustrating is it to finally locate the contact information, only to find out that person is no longer with the service provider or has changed positions, leaving you to fend for yourself once again? Multiply this by the number of service providers you intend to communicate with for technology solutions.

Working with C2XCEL, you can let all that frustration and time investment fall by the wayside. We are your one-stop for technology options and solutions. We work with you to understand your needs, then cast a wide net across many service providers simultaneously for solution options. We then vet those options, reducing the pool down to those that claim they can accommodate the needs. We then talk with those remaining service providers to clarify any questions or concerns, and further reduce the field to only those with solid solutions that will accommodate the requirements.

This represents a great deal of leg-work for someone with many other responsibilities and limited time, which is the case for most CIOs, IT Directors or any other member of an organization tasked to locate and implement technology solutions. C2XCEL performs the leg-work and presents the best options in an easily understandable format. We help narrow the selections, then coordinate additional presentations/calls/discussions with the final list of service providers to help you make the final, and best selection. We then perform the contract negotiations, placing orders and oversee the implementation.

We’ve done the heavy lifting – you are a hero within your organization.

Don’t wait until you are at the cliff’s edge, staring into the abyss, contact C2XCEL with your technology questions, concerns or needs. We have the knowledge and reach to identify the best solutions.