The big benefit for our clients.

It’s crucial to stay abreast of the technology trends and direction when assisting clients to attain their technology goals. This is a difficult task, as one never knows where advancements or trends will take the industry. C2XCEL understands the importance for organizations to implement the best solutions offered and why we place a high priority on our knowledge of cutting-edge solutions.

C2XCEL takes many pathways to gaining the knowledge:

  • Industry experience allows us to help guide clients through pricing, delivery of services and customer service.
  • Listening to our client’s needs to negotiate optimal service contracts.
  • Having relationships with the service providers grants us access to product training well before products are announced.

These elements allow us to obtain the best of best service solutions to fit our client’s needs.  It ensures our clients will have the best possible experience from order execution, to service installation and turn-up, and great customer experience through the term of the contract. Providing us the ‘big-picture’ we share with clients and organizations as we work with them to design the best technology foundation.

C2XCEL leverages relationships to the advantage of every organization we engage with –  key relationships allows C2XCEL insight into the strategic initiatives of the service providers. We find some service providers are working in the same direction, with a similar flavored product, while others are going further out on the limb. This inside information may not be a secret; however, it is not typically something a direct salesperson will know, and may not become informed until the public announcement and training. C2XCEL is well ahead of the direct representative and will be able to implement much more quickly.

One of the biggest downfalls in this industry, yet one of the easiest to avoid, is that most consultants are not ‘eating the dog food’. Meaning, many technology consulting firms do not experience the services they roll into their client’s solutions. They are truly selling the product with no experience in understanding it. There’s no better way to know a service than to practice and use it. C2XCEL attempts, through various means, to personally experience the different products and services we design into a client’s solution.

C2XCEL understands the importance of staying on top of industry trends. This is a ‘North Star’ for us, in helping our clients achieve their technology goals. We understand technology is the driving force behind every business organization in today’s world, so too is the need to be on point with the trending and direction.