Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS is one of many ‘as a service’ products, which are all based on cloud technology.

‘As a service’ products enable businesses to create extensive infrastructure without space and expense requirements for similar or same traditional services. Businesses have integrated cloud concepts so well into their mainstream operations that it has evolved how markets and consumers react and behave, shaping the future of the global business environment. Other services, like PaaS and IaaS, also gratify the ever-increasing demands of the modern corporation. However, with UCaaS, all its communications needs are bundled into a single package in order to coordinate and communicate with others for various reasons. Even instant messaging or video is considered as aides and tools of a business which must be deployed for its growth and development.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) personal telecommunications networks are becoming rapidly efficient and as of today, more devices are being served by cloud services than ever before. The only difference is, in the yesteryears, clouds couldn’t offer the kind of security and bandwidth like modern unified communications. And with UCaaS, a business can build and further develop their telecom foundations with reliable, economical and effective services such as video conferencing, instant messaging and data sharing. The cyber world has helped bring online collaboration services which SMBs use proficiently without worrying about quality or disturbed bandwidth.

Also, the network is able to help employees or teams, even if they are far apart or engaged in other projects at geographically different locations, without any glitches or degradation in quality. Data sharing or participating in meetings is simple, even on the go. It’s so effective that business doesn’t have to suffer for any reason at all. Document sharing, graphics, sheets, charts, PDF or just simple spreadsheet snapshots, and more are possible through UCaaS.

5 Key Benefits of UCaaS

Here are benefits resulting in the UC services derived from cloud capabilities to help enhance communication resources.
1. UCaas allows for instant collaboration capabilities, allowing businesses to remain productive and highly effective, even across great distances.
2. UCaaS services are scalable to match the ebb and flow of the business. This provides the customer the assurance their communication requirements are nimble.
3. UCaaS is globally accessible through any Internet connection. Clients are provided portal access, from full admin access to the user only access.
4. UCaaS portals allow on-demand movement dictated by the client. Admin credentials authorize the ability to add, modify, and delete users. It also allows the upgrading or downgrading of subscription needs. Since this is real-time, the client does not have to call the provider for assistance.
5. UCaaS provides business continuity because telecom traffic can be re-routed very quickly during a power outage. One missed call can equate to lost revenue, but UCaaS can reduce, and possibly eliminate missed calls completely.